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Your thyroid gland produces hormones that control many body functions, from your heartbeat to your body temperature. Thyroid disorders can lead to various symptoms that may affect your quality of life. Patricia Deckert, DO, and her integrative medical team at New Beginnings Health Care specialize in thyroid disorders and adrenal conditions, and they provide treatments to improve hormone balance and your overall health. For comprehensive thyroid management, call the office in La Mesa, California, or book an appointment online.

Thyroid Q & A

What is the thyroid?

Your thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland located in your neck. This tiny gland produces a group of hormones referred to as the thyroid hormones that support many body functions, including:

  • Metabolism
  • Body temperature
  • Heartbeat
  • Digestion
  • Body weight

If your thyroid produces too little or too much of these hormones, these bodily functions are affected, and you develop a number of symptoms. The experienced team at New Beginnings Health Care can provide the care you need to balance your hormonal levels and restore optimal health.

What are thyroid disorders?

Thyroid disorders are categorized based on how they affect your hormone production. The categories include:


An overproduction of thyroid hormones, or hyperthyroidism, may lead to symptoms such as unexpected weight loss, increase in heartbeat, or feelings of anxiety.

Many conditions can cause your thyroid gland to produce too many hormones, including Grave’s disease, thyroiditis, or malfunctioning of your pituitary gland.


If your body isn’t producing enough thyroid hormones, referred to as hypothyroidism, you may experience weight gain, fatigue, or depression. Common conditions that lead to hypothyroidism include Hashimoto’s disease, certain medications, or if your thyroid was removed due to cancer.

Both Graves and Hashimoto’s diseases are autoimmune disorders and the most common conditions affecting the thyroid gland.

How are thyroid disorders managed?

Management of your thyroid disorder may depend on the underlying cause and how your hormones are affected. The team at New Beginnings Health Care creates personalized wellness plans that not only focus on your thyroid condition, but also on your overall health.

What are adrenal conditions?

Your adrenal glands are tiny glands found on top of your kidneys that produce and release your sex and stress hormones. Like your thyroid, your adrenal glands can produce too much or not enough of these hormones, which may cause various health issues and symptoms.

Common adrenal conditions include:

Chronic fatigue syndrome

With chronic fatigue syndrome, you feel extremely tired even after you’ve had plenty of rest. Researchers are still investigating the underlying cause of chronic fatigue syndrome, but it’s believed that chronic elevations in stress hormones may lead to extreme fatigue.

Cushing’s syndrome

Cushing’s syndrome occurs when the body produces too much cortisol.

Addison’s disease

Addison’s disease occurs when the body doesn’t produce enough cortisol.

The providers at New Beginnings Health Care offer comprehensive evaluations when you come in with symptoms that may stem from thyroid and adrenal conditions. They seek out the underlying cause, so you get the most effective treatment.

For the effective management of your health and wellness, call New Beginnings Health Care today or request an appointment online.