Methylation Supplements:

Why the Body Needs Them.

Methylation is one of the body’s most important and wide-ranging chemical processes. It occurs in hundreds of chemical reactions daily for detoxification, neurotransmitter synthesis and utilization, the formation of enzymes and proteins, the regulation of hormones, and many other chores that keep us healthy.

Most noteworthy is that methylation converts homocysteine (a dangerous amino acid when in excess) into methionine, an essential amino acid. If homocysteine builds up it can contribute to several health concerns.

Factors known to interfere with methylation include:

  • Advanced aging
  • Inflammation
  • Infections
  • Diet low in cooked vegetables
  • Sugar
  • Metal toxicity, especially mercury and copper
  • Dietary and environmental toxins causing liver toxicity

If the body is unhealthy, methyl group formation declines and health declines with it. So we offer a wide variety of products such as Vessel Care, Methylguard Plus, Active B Complex, and specialized protein drinks that help the methylation process to enhance your overall well-being.

Most people will do better on the methylated form of B vitamins because the methylated form is already in the active form and doesn’t need to be converted by the body.

Might you be a “poor methylator?”
Ask about testing for the
MTHFR genetic marker.
Active B-Complex
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