Reiki: Peace and Well-Being.
Body, Mind and Spirit.

Reiki Health ServicesReiki is the Japanese practice of “laying on hands” to potentially promote relaxation and self-healing. It’s based on the belief that an invisible “life force energy” within us can be elevated through the practitioner’s palms, bringing us to a state of equilibrium.

A low level of life force energy is thought to make us vulnerable to illness and stress, so it follows that a high level may provide health and happiness.

In touch with the
whole You.

Reiki treatments are safe, natural and simple. They address the whole person: body, mind and spirit. They can be included as part of a therapeutic massage or as stand-alone treatments. Patients may experience what has been described as feelings of peace, security and well-being.

ContactUs14to arrange your treatment with Reiki practitioner Barbara Knight, H.H.P. Please note that insurance does not cover Reiki treatments.