The Carotid Intima-Media Thickness (CIMT) Test:
Advanced Imaging for Cardiovascular Disease Detection.Services-CIMTTest

CIMT is a safe, painless, non-invasive ultrasound imaging test of the carotid arteries on each side of the neck. The carotid arteries provide a “window” to the coronary arteries, and CIMT is an independent predictor of future cardiovascular events including heart attacks, cardiac death and stroke.


How the Test Works

The test produces images of any fatty material that may collect along the artery walls where it can form plaque called atherosclerosis. This can block blood flow to the heart or brain. By measuring the combined thicknesses of the intimal and medial layers of the carotid artery walls, the test helps your physician to best evaluate your risks and to develop the appropriate treatment plan.

Insist on it!

Our CIMT service provider is the industry leader in its field, and can confidently claim that its CIMT testing:

  • Detects overall atherosclerotic burden better than any other accessible test currently available
  • Detects early atherosclerotic burden as well as soft plaque(s) vulnerable to rupture
  • Is more predictive than the assessment of other individual risk factors alone
  • Is predictive for men and women
  • Gives physicians a reliable tool to monitor the effectiveness of therapy

Early Detection is Everything!

Remember that heart disease is the world’s #1 cause of death. So in addition to the Advanced Lipid Profile, this 20-minute test should be discussed with your doctor, especially if you have any of these risk factors:

Family history of heart disease/stroke
Elevated cholesterol
High blood pressure
Metabolic syndrome
High-fat diet
Rheumatoid arthritis
Erectile dysfunction

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