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Vol. 1 Issue 1 – Feb. 2015

Staying Well in the Face of Colds and Flu
PhytoMulti: The “Smart” Multivitamin that Goes Beyond.

Vitamin D: Protection from Colds, Flu, and More.
Fish Oil by Nordic Naturals: Exceptional Nutrition and Support.
UltraFlora™ Spectrum: Extraordinary Probiotic for Intestinal and Immune Support.
Activated B Vitamins: Why You May Need Them.

Vol. 1 Issue 2 – Mar. 2015

What’s Really in Your Supplements?
Why Supplement Quality Matters
Supplement Brands We Carry

Vol. 1 Issue 3 – Apr. 2015

Stress: What can it do to you?
Health Hazards you can Avoid
Tired, Wired and Quagmired? Support Your Adrenal Glands!

Vol. 1 Issue 4 – May 2015

Vitamins and Minerals: When Oral Supplements are not Enough
Poly-MVA: Exciting News for Patients with Cancer or any Degenerative or Chronic Illness
Andrea Faust, LVN: IVNT with a Smile

Vol. 1 Issue 5 – June 2015

You Have the Power. We Help You Tap It.
Sleep: Are You Getting Enough?
Good News about Essential Oils

Vol. 1 Issue 6 – July 2015

Toxic Products: Grounds for a HAZMAT Suit?
Innersense Organic Beauty Products
Supporting Your Skin, Safely

Vol. 1 Issue 7 – August 2015

Anxiety? Depression? Insomnia? Could CBD Oil Help?
Introducing Melissa Bachman, ND, BSN, RN

Vol. 1 Issue 8 – September 2015

Gut Health: How Important Is It?
Give Your Gut a Healthy Tune-Up
How to Stay Centered During Seasonal Transitions

Vol. 1 Issue 9 – November 2015

Maintaining a Healthy Immune System During the Colder Weather and Holiday Festivities
Bad Bugs Be Gone! Gift your mind and body with extra TLC this year to engage in a stressless holiday season with vitality and a robust immune system
Replenish Yourself with an Extra Boost of Vitamins and Minerals:Nutrient IV Therapy

Vol. 1 Issue 10 – December 2015

How to Create a Healthy and Sustainable Relationship with Food and your Body

Vol. 2 Issue 1 – January 2016

How to Succeed with Your New Year’s “Intentions”