Tired Wired and Quagmired

Tired, Wired and Quagmired?
Support your Adrenal Glands!

by Jéanne Hoss, Nutritional Educator & Store Manager
New Beginnings Health Care

This month we’re discounting several supplements designed to help you out of the quagmire of stress that can swamp your adrenal glands and endanger your health. And you can be sure that we’re recommending no less than superior quality professional strength formulas made by leaders in nutritional supplementation. Their ultra-high standards are your assurance of maximum benefits and safety. So if you’ve taken advantage of our testing and have any level of adrenal fatigue, here are the top supplements we recommend:

a-Drenal by RLC Labs®

a-Drenal is designed to combat the side effects of adrenal fatigue while also promoting the healthy function of the adrenal glands. It contains organic adrenal tissue and adaptogenic herbs for:

  • Effective defense against stress-induced symptoms
  • Calm, balanced physical and mental energy
  • Healthy cortisol and blood sugar levels

Adreset by Metagenics

Adreset® is designed to build resilience and enhance stamina if you feel weak and fatigued due to stress. It contains only natural ingredients for safety, and includes time-tested botanicals shown by clinical experience to provide strategic stress support. It includes:

  • Standardized herbal extracts to support an adaptive response to common environmental stressors, and to support multiple body systems during times of stress
  • Concentrated adaptogens including ginseng root, cordyceps, and rhodiola extracts to address multiple body systems involved in the stress response

Stress-B Complex by Thorne Research

Unlike many B vitamin products, Stress-B Complex provides the active forms for enhanced bioavailability to ensure that the body gets the nutrients it needs. This exceptional formula contains an optimal balance of the essential vitamins B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), B12 (cobalamin), folate, and biotin. Although each B vitamin is chemically distinct, they work together on various biochemical functions including cellular energy production, healthy red blood cell formation, and healthy neurological function. Most significantly, you get extra B5 for healthy adrenal and immune function. B5 plays a key role in:

  • Metabolism of fats
  • Synthesis of adrenal hormones
  • Transmission of nerve impulses

Except for B12, B vitamins are not stored in the body. They must be acquired daily from foods and supplements to maintain optimal health.

Trancor by Metagenics

Designed to work within the brain, this advanced formula features the amino acids N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and taurine to support a sense of tranquility. Research suggests that these amino acids may be able to cross the blood-brain barrier to provide targeted neurological support.

  • NAC, green tea catechins, and vitamin B6 modulate the balance between the excitatory effects of glutamate and the calming influence of GABA
  • Taurine and EGCG from green tea may enhance the metabolism of GABA
  • Magnesium and vitamin B6 additionally support relaxation and a sense of calm

Serenagen® by Metagenics

This is a classic herbal stress management formula used in traditional Chinese medicine to nourish and quiet the heart. It addresses organs and systems involved in the stress response and is designed for people who are experiencing:

  • Anxiety and disorientation
  • Difficulty resting due to stress
  • Feelings of being overheated and flushed when stressed

Ultra Potent C 1000 by Metagenics

We recommend the inclusion of high-dose vitamin C for treating adrenal fatigue because it is used by the adrenal glands to produce the adrenal hormones, especially cortisol. The more cortisol made, the more vitamin C is used. When faced with a stressful situation, your Vitamin C is rapidly used up in the production of cortisol and other stress-related hormones. Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant within the adrenal cortex itself.

Ultra Potent-C® 1000 is a proprietary, patented vitamin C formula featuring a unique blend of metabolites designed to enhance the body’s ability to achieve maximum possible utilization. It is:

  • Scientifically shown to promote natural killer (NK) cell activity and white blood cell (WBC) function
  • Shown to have 18% to 25% higher uptake in WBCs than plain vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
  • Buffered to prevent potential stomach upset associated with vitamin C ascorbic acid

The Best Whey Protein Powder by Nutritional Frontiers

They named it “The Best Whey” because it is in fact one of the best whey protein powders available today. We recommend it as part of the adrenal fatigue treatment regimen because those with adrenal fatigue often cannot digest protein into amino acids very well, and the adrenals thrive on amino acids to function. Also, a good quality protein helps stabilize blood sugar levels which is an important part of managing adrenal fatigue.

The Best Whey delivers the quality, safety and efficacy standards you should insist upon from a whey protein powder:

  • Comes from New Zealand grass-fed cows that are eating as Nature intended: No GMO grains, hormones or antibiotics
  • Pure whey concentrate that preserves the immunoglobulins in raw whey
  • Low-heat dried to preserve the maximum enzymes and nutritional benefits

Call or come in for more information about these natural ways to support your adrenal glands and feel better soon!

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