Integrative Medicine:

The Best of Two Medical Worlds

Integrative Medicine, Alternative MedicineIntegrative medicine combines conventional medicine with the practices and methods of alternative medicine. It’s a healing-based form of medicine that embraces the best of both medical worlds. The result is effective research-based treatment of even the most serious diseases.

All providers at New Beginnings Health Care are practitioners of integrative medicine. This allows us to widen the range of options for combating health challenges and maximizing wellness. Examples include:

  • Individualizing treatments for each unique clientIntegrated Medicine
  • Treating the whole person; seeing the body as a system of interconnected sub-systems
  • Coaching good nutrition and preventive practices to achieve optimal health
  • Promoting self-care and self-healing; personal accountability for one’s health
  • Recognizing the patient’s mental state and spiritual nature and their role in the healing process.