Innersense Organic Beauty Products

Innersense Organic Beauty Products

Dr. Krieg’s article should be enough to send anyone to the nearest source of something better than big name mainstream products for hair and skin care. Way better. Like the Innersense products we offer here at New Beginnings Health Care. They’re hand-crafted, organic and pure toxin-free. Just a few examples…

If you color your hair, Color Awakening Hairbath is a gentle cleansing shampoo that protects color from fading and makes hair shine. They do it with a natural anti-oxidant. Then for luxurious cleansing, they use certified organic and biodynamic coconut oils, palm oils, pumpkin seed and shea butter. It all leaves hair naturally clean, healthy and awakened without residue or dryness. And the scent of Echinacea flower essence lingers on.

Follow up with Color Radiance Daily Conditioner because it also protects color from fading. This lightweight, buildup-free formula moisturizes and strengthens the hair while imparting wonderful resilience and shine. It’s loaded with natural proteins, aromatic oils and flower essences for the revitalizing nourishment so needed by color-treated hair.

Then to prepare for any hairstyle, Sweet Spirit is the way to go. It’s a unique leave-in conditioner with a blend of natural oils, fragrant herbs and flower essences. A touch of honey adds body and manageability. And get this — Sweet Spirit can also be used on dry hair to revive and restyle. The natural Orange Blossom fragrance makes this a refreshing delight for the senses. We get lots of raves.

And if you have dry scalp or skin, Harmonic Healing Oil is something wonderful. Certified organic safflower and evening primrose oils combined with the healing properties of sacred Tamanu oil make it ideal for soothing dry skin and scalp. Its anti-inflammatory properties come from a rich blend of vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants – all working in harmony to heal and rejuvenate. Fabulous for deep tissue massage too.

So that’s just a few of the many Innersense products you’ll find in our nutrition store. Come in, look them over, and consider switching to safe, effective products you can trust.