Tasneem Patel D.O.

Dr. Patel

Tasneem Patel, D.O.

Primary Care

Dr. Tasneem Patel is a Board Certified Family Medicine physician who practices Integrative and Functional Medicine. She earned her medical degree from Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Vallejo, CA and did her residency at Sutter Health Care in Davis/Sacramento, CA. After completing residency she has worked at a county clinic, urgent care clinic and at Kaiser. Now she enjoys practicing integrative (combining alternative treatments) and functional (finding the root cause of ailment to treat) medicine with primary focus on hormone balance and gut health.

left-48-50When I began my medical career, I wanted to “fix” the problems that my patients would present with and initially, I felt like a mechanic doing just that. However, over the years I have enjoyed playing a different role in the health of my patients: the role of a gardener that can help guide you to what your body needs for a solid foundation and then allowing the patient to make the necessary changes and flourish. It amazes me everyday that our bodies have the capability to heal us – if we don’t sabotage it!right-48-50