Barbara Knight, H.H.P.

Barbara Knight, H.H.P.

Holistic Health Care

Barbara Knight received her certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner from the School of Healing Arts in San Diego. Holistic Health Practitioners all have massage as a core of their studies, then can choose another natural healing modality of their preference. Barbara chose to earn her Whole Foods Nutrition certificate for her area of study. She also holds certification as a Lifestyle Educator from Metagenics.

Certified Lifestyle Educators are qualified to address health issues in conjunction with recommendations by the National Institutes of Health for diet and lifestyle changes that have been proven to manage hypertension, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Holistic health care focuses on identifying where nutrition and other natural remedies can be employed to improve health. In addition to nutritional and lifestyle counseling, Barbara is a massage practitioner and a Reiki Level II practitioner using the Usui Method.

left-48-50I’ve always been drawn to more natural healing modalities. When I learned massage as part of my Holistic Health Practitioner studies, I discovered the power of hands-on healing as well as the satisfaction of helping people feel good.    right-48-50